Adhe Kangal – ‘Romantic thriller backed by a stellar performance’


Spoilers ahead…

As the movie kick-starts, for a while, the proceedings tend to be pleasing with a feel-good makeover. In this sequence, we get a glance of the one-sided love of Sadhana (played by Janani) on her friend Varun (Kalaiyarasan) and the blossom of a love between Varun and Deepa (Sshivada). Locations scouted and visuals captured with aesthetic sense add value to this preliminary segment of the movie. In spite of possessing all these glass half full aspects, the plain narration here, is what that makes room for the audience to form a cursory view pertaining to the plot and the course of the movie.

Here, it is quite obvious that one would get back the memories of Director Gautham Vasudev Menon’s 2007 Tamil romantic thriller, Pachaikili Muthucharam. At this point of time, in the movie, we get introduced to a sharp turn in the screenplay. But, the happenings post this twist, in no way dilutes our guesses on the movie’s story line. Rather, it adds further strength to our assumptions.

But, for a while, soon after the meet up of Varun with Panju (Balasaravanan), the serious tone of the movie shifts gear to a comical one, aided predominantly by Balasaravanan’s forte i.e., timing in the dialogue deliveries. At this juncture, the movie seem to get derailed from its actual course of a romantic thriller and the serious mood that it has been proffering the audience till then. But, the deviations get brushed aside quickly and the narration gets back on its track. Here, the stage gets well set for a perfect thriller.

Post interval, director Rohin Venkatesan seems to be so focused about the point towards which the movie is destined. But, his approach in narration tends to be different in such a way that we get a genuine comical sequence (Once again Balasaravanan comes to the fore assisted effectively by the Temple Monkeys fame Abdool) followed by a serious one. This keeps playing in a loop until the antagonist gets reintroduced in the screenplay.

In Tamil Cinema, female leads rarely get a meaty role to captivate the audience with their performances. Adhe Kangal is one such rare instance. Even though Sshivada appears briefly with a fine display in the earlier portion of the movie, she thoroughly dominates over the rest of the actors, with a stellar performance, in the post interval segment. Amidst those not-so-new sequence of events, the elegance of Sshivada in the slo-mo shots are as arresting as those of Nayanthara in Billa. Be it the girl-next-door enactment or the villainous portrayal or the stunts, she seems to look thoroughly invested in the proceedings.

In a nutshell, Sshivada could well be described as an actress who could fittingly enjoy being in the list of actresses whom people admire to be the crush of all seasons. Not to forget the aspect that ably supplements Sshivada’s role… the catchy song, Thandhiraa by Ghibran. What better appealing lyrics could well define the character of ‘Vasundhara’ than the lyrics of Anuradha Narayanan in Thandhiraa? Despite possessing ample glitches that act as hindrances in rendering a perfect romantic thriller, Rohin’s debut product still manages to offer a lot of takeaways with the primary one being Sshivada!