Kavan – ‘An entertainer that delivers some solid takeaways’


While watching a Tamil movie, if you sense its screenplay to be highly engaging; if you notice the storyline to be slightly unusual; if you feel captivated by few brilliant turnarounds; if you find too much detailing about the plot’s aspects here and there; if you feel it to be possessing a dense storytelling; if you get to view catchy songs that are beautifully choreographed in the backdrop of exotic locales; if you get to see a populist depiction of certain facts that are less known to the majority section of audience; if you come across few scenes that you think the family audience wouldn’t be comfy with then it means that you are watching a directorial venture of K.V.Anand.

The recent end product of K.V.Anand – Kavan – pretty decently fits into the above mentioned template. In addition to the elements of the template, I see Kavan possessing few more exciting ingredients. Firstly, it’s Vijay Sethupathi. We all knew that he is well known for rendering performances in a casual manner. In Kavan, he is at his casual best. The casualness that Vijay exhibits while dealing with scenarios related to the bold and sensitive topics, which the movie has chosen, strengthens the emotional connect between the cine viewers and the character that he essays. Secondly, it’s T.Rajhendherr, aka TR. Of late, going by the off-screen persona of TR, I had this wish of watching him in the films of one of the happening directors in Tamil Cinema. It’s an absolute delight to watch K.V.Anand quite effectively leveraging TR’s outreach among the audience.

As Kavan’s screenplay seems to concentrate more on its crux, we get only a momentary view of the ‘Kaadhalum Kadandhu Pogum’ hangover from the pair, Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian. The sequence involving ‘Power Star’ Srinivasan was a pleasant surprise indeed, as it was refreshing to see him articulating words that take aim at the restricted and ignorant mindsets. You get to hear many razor-sharp dialogues in the movie.

After watching an almost two and a half hours of movie that I found thoroughly engaging for most parts, I listened to a conversation, pertaining to the film, between three persons. With makers putting up a disclaimer initially stating that Kavan isn’t targeting any, the perceptions of the trio were like:

Person1: “Guys… The illustration that has been shown in the movie seems to be exaggerated. But, things like this happen in real-time at a relatively less degree!

Person2: “I don’t think so. This is purely a fictional piece by K.V.Anand. But, to an extent, it sounds entertaining

Person3: “Why the hell did the movie expose all the off-screen happenings so blatantly? I would have enjoyed the reality and talk shows like I did before if the movie hadn’t showcased the reality

It’s nice and quite interesting to see an entertainer (Kavan) delivering some solid takeaways as above!