Kadugu – ‘A movie that voices a realistic solution to a society’s disturbing (and disgusting) concern’


Spoilers ahead…

Kadugu begins with a scene that exhibits the ‘behind the scenes’ happening of a cine shoot. In this sequence, with a short-lived storytelling, certain aspects related to the movie’s plot, are proffered to the audience, like: What disturbing (and disgusting) aspect in our society is the film going to deal with? Which character in Kadugu is going to play the pivotal role in driving the story? What makes the character ideal to do so? What sort of a follow-up is in waiting for a person, with absolute righteousness, from his fellow citizens?

What a brilliant piece of an episode this is by S.Vijay Milton to kick-start Kadugu’s narration! This approach really sounded interesting to me and straight away, kindled my curiosity over the flick’s actual plot. I just anticipated this kind of a storytelling to be a metaphorical glimpse of a hard-hitting narrative, which the cinema is going to depict (My guess was right. It was truly so!). Soon after the completion of the above said short and sweet episode, the film started detailing the characters involved in it.

It was refreshing to see Bharath (as Nambi) and Rajakumaran (as Puli J Pandi) in completely different makeovers. Having seen Bharath as hero for more than a decade, it really would sound odd to see him without a pair in a movie. So, we get to see the cute Subhiksha playing his pair. As far as the amusing factor is concerned, the on-screen proceedings between Rajakumaran and Bharath Seeni (as Anirudh) were pretty engaging. The one-sided love affair of Anirudh over the character enacted by Subhiksha also seemed quite interesting and fresh. At the same time, there were few moving segments interspersed in the course of the film especially the backstory (animated display of events backed by a monologue in a heart-rending manner) of the character, Eby enacted by Radhika Prasidhha.

But, at one point of time, two queries popped up in my mind, like: When is the movie going to concentrate on the concern, it had implicitly promised to do in the beginning? Secondly, every primary character in the picture seems to be good-at-heart. So, will anyone from the bunch take a negative shade?

Around the interval point, a scenario that would leave a person, heavy-hearted, gets placed as a twist in the tale. Post the exposition of the harsh reality, in Kadugu, we get to see the cunning activities of ‘ugly’ minds dominating over the helpless and the inabilities of the latter to rise against the former. Here, you might get thoroughly involved in the screenplay and empathize with the powerless. You feel that a realistic solution, for all the troubles shown out there in the picture, is ‘corrupt’ individuals correcting themselves. Towards the climax, you get to see Rajakumaran as Puli J Pandi voicing the same, facing the audience in a cinematic fashion (But, the information has well been conveyed!).