Breathe Easy – ‘A decent film from a collaborative involvement of directors’


Spoilers ahead…

In most films that are based on the concept of natural calamity, one among the primary aspects pertaining to the movie, which garners the attention of the movie goers, has been the concept itself. But, what offers the audience, an emotional movie watching experience are the effects of the natural calamity on the familial and the societal behavior of the human beings under such adverse circumstances.

Breathe Easy is an Indie film that goes by the above said theory. But, in the case of Breathe Easy, there is a piece of information that is even more striking than the movie’s synopsis. It is nothing but the collaborative involvement of twenty directors from across ten countries to deliver this movie. The collaboration by directors showcases their earnestness and commitment to stay true to the plot of the movie as the movie captures the happenings in various parts of the world over a period of time.

While delving deep into the screenplay of the movie, the presence of too many dialogue driven portions and stage drama resembling enactments did act as a hindrance to the rhythm of the movie. Also, in many portions, background scores seem to subjugate the dialogues. In spite of possessing these aspects on the downside, there is some handful of notable sequences too.

Talking about the notable sequences requires a recall to certain clips: a scene that happens in the outskirts of South Africa, where a mutual trust gets built up between a guy and a girl post a sequence of serious drama, a portion which takes place in an apartment in Mexico that depicts a split between a couple over a difference of opinion and an intense sequence featuring two guys and a girl in the outer parts of United Kingdom. The factor that has assisted such sequences in the flick, to render the moments of the movie, is the elegance in their film making and the background score.

To be precise, the immense effort that has been put in by the movie’s makers to bring the directors from various places of the world has yielded a movie that possesses segments, which are authentic in their own right. This kind of collaborative involvement of directors would remain as a sign of encouragement to Indie Film Makers who would wish to work in collaboration and make them follow suit in the upcoming days.