Bad People – ‘Effective utilization of the cine medium’


Spoilers ahead…

Going by the movie’s name – Bad People – we might anticipate that director Alex Petrovitch would choose one story, for a selected theme at a time and render a full-length motion picture. But, what we get from Alex is a flick that is packed with multiple narratives presented via a segmented screenplay. In spite of the approach of storytelling being unconventional, Bad People seems to be a highly engaging dark comedy drama.

As far as the template of Bad People’s screenplay is concerned; there is a striking theme (i.e., Bad People), under which there are a handful of subtopics, further below are interesting, crisp and crystal clear dramas that are built around each of the subtopics. In a nutshell, Bad People seemed like a concoction of various short films that are made on a theme of the same name.

The movie commences with a portion where we are introduced to two contract killers. In the following sequence of scenes, we are amused predominantly by the timing dialogues of the duo that centre on the topic of political correctness. The segment ends up like: The more the people are concerned about their political correctness, the less effective is their subsequent course of actions.

The movie then traverses into a news reading session and subsequently into an interview where once again the aspect of timing in the dialogue deliveries render a highly engaging content. Here, another factor that renders amusements equally to that of the dialogues is the picture-perfect, comic depictions of the actors involved. This news track finds its place at regular intervals in the movie. In fact, this approach of track placement is what that keeps the experience of watching a full length movie intact.

Following suit the segments pertaining to ‘political correctness’ and ‘news’, the other segments too take aims at the happenings that tend to be bothering in the contemporary society. Those are as well complemented ably by an all-round effort of film making. At the end of the day, Bad People has seamlessly illustrated the fact that cinema is a medium that could not just render entertainment but also could help in effectively propagating the different facets of a society to the audience.