5 things I liked in Bairavaa


Bairavaa could well be termed as Vijay’s revisit to the style of film making that once had helped his movies to rake profits in box office, had garnered him a loyal fan base and eventually gave him a big boost to his stardom. Having watched the movie, I have come up with this write-up jotting down the aspects that I liked in Bairavaa.

Here are five things that I liked in Bairavaa:

5. Screenplay that plays to the gallery:

It was way back in 2007 when we saw Bharathan making his debut as a Director in Tamil Cinema with Azhagiya Tamil Magan. Vijay was then fresh after delivering Pokkiri, a movie filled with a balanced blend of seamless screenplay and massy moments sufficing the fastidious fan boys and general audience alike. These factors that aided greatly for the stupendous success of Pokkiri failed to make their mark in Azhagiya Tamil Magan.

Almost a decade later, Bharathan is back as Bharhathan with Bairavaa. This time he looks clearer in his approach…the approach of taking one aspect (Fan boy appeasing moments) at a time and constructing an engaging screenplay around the aspect. In other words, he has delivered a product that plays to the gallery. Of late, Vijay’s movies have been studded with sequence of scenes that his hard-core fans would genuinely glorify for days. Bairavaa is also driven by the same template. It looked like Bharhathan had conceived such sequences keeping in mind the temperament of the fans.

4. Dialogues offering ‘theatre’ moments to the hard-core fans:

Be it the personal branding driven ones as in Ghilli or the story oriented ones as in Kaththi, dialogues have always been one among the fortes of Vijay’s movies. In terms of dialogues, I have always been expecting Vijay to deliver a movie with an authentic spice of Ghilli which he has been shying away from, for a while. This was my state of mind until the release of Bairavaa’s teaser. Right after watching the teaser, a sense of excitement did creep into my mind pertaining to the flavour of the movie.

My excitement got manifold post the trailer’s release. It made me feel, “What better a person could Vijay have opted for other than Bharhathan for him to proffer the audience a movie possessing dialogues along the lines of Ghilli?” In terms of dialogues, I would admit that Bairavaa is not Bharhathan’s Ghilli. But, at the same time, I would say that the crisp and the measured dialogues did offer some ‘theatre’ moments for the hard-core fans of Vijay.

3. Pulsating theme track and SaNa’s touch in background score:

As far as my memories are concerned, previously it was in Aaranya Kaandam where I came across a pleasant background score for a sequence that is packed with ruthless stunts backed by some fiery expressions of the artists involved. Along the lines of the Yuvan’s composition in Aaranya Kaandam, in Bairavaa, for a stunt sequence, there is a Hans Zimmeresque rendition by Santhosh Narayanan. I would describe it as Santhosh Narayanan’s touch in Bairavaa’s background score.

As far as the theme track is concerned, it has ably sufficed the larger than life depiction of the character, Bairavaa enacted by Vijay in the movie. Not to deny the fact that the theme has been over-used in the movie. At the same time, not to put aside the fact that the track has proffered a vibrant mood irrespective of the sequence in which it has been utilised in the movie.

2. Surprise in the eye-catching stunt package of Bairavaa:

Right from Thupakki, Vijay’s movies have been possessing considerable number of eye-catching stunt sequences. Amidst such sequences, there have been few fun-filled ones too. In fact, the very sharing of the concept of certain stunt sequences tends to be interesting.  Same continues to be so in Bairavaa as well.

In spite of all the stunt sequences in Bairavaa being striking, the sequence that stood fresh among the lot was the one that has been shot in slo-mo in the post interval segment backed by a score that is unconventional to a stunt sequence. It was indeed a surprising one from the movie’s stunt package. It was quite refreshing to experience the approach in the execution of such an over the top choreography.

1. Vijay, an undisputable show stealer:

Vijay has been one among the few top stars in Tamil Cinema, who with their demeanor have been implicitly imprinting the importance of fitness for an action hero. But, the manner in which Vijay has been exuding energy has been complementing his demeanor. As far as this aspect is concerned, Bairavaa is no exception. First aspect that came to my mind while watching Vijay in Bairavaa was his flawless physical fitness.

Be it the boyish enactments or the spirited dialogue renditions or the grace in the dance or the liveliness in the fight, yet another natural performance comes out from Vijay. Vijay exhibiting spontaneity, in all these aspects, is always a delight to watch. Vijay deftly continues to do his good work in a movie that has done hefty investment on him and is heavily reliant upon him to make it an engaging affair.

All said and done, Bairavaa is not a movie that would pacify the individuals possessing Christopher Nolanesque mind-sets. Rather, it is meant for the die-hard fans of the star and for the ones who expect nothing but an engaging content.


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