M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story – ‘Heeds More On The Bed Of Roses With A Slight Glimpse Of The Thorns’


Spoilers ahead…

The paramount motif of the much anticipated biopic, M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story has been to outline the illustrious journey of one of the most celebrated sports personality of India, Dhoni right from his birth till Cricket World Cup 2011. Not to mention the movie emphatically stressing the inundated moral support, that Dhoni had received from his family members, friends, well-wishers, fellow colleagues and fans during the course of the journey. Excluding few relishing and bitter moments from the professional life of Dhoni, a brief presentation of the happenings from his personal life, permeate into the majority duration of the flick.

Whether it is Dhoni’s walk, his innocuous smile or his nature of staying calm and composed in dire straits, Sushant Singh Rajput goes all out in securing a flawless replica of one of the prides of the Indian cricket fraternity, on the silver screen. Spotless simulation of the Caribbean style cricketing shots and the greatly admired ‘Helicopter Shot’ of Dhoni by Sushant deserves a special mention. In a role, if hit a home run in terms of performance, which could flesh out an actor’s nation-wide reach, Sushant Singh Rajput has struck gold in rendering a picture-perfect enactment of one of the most admired personality of the country. Determined efforts of Sushant should have been complemented better by some even more carefully outlined visual effects.

The narration in the movie seems to be steady when it deals with the happenings that are little-known. But, on the downside, the portions that present the occurrences that are familiar (such as the prominent fixtures) seem to be hastily placed without coherence in their sequential display. Rather than kindling one’s nostalgia, the usage of too many television footages tend to reproduce the feel of an uncomforting travel in a smooth road embedded with too many speed breakers.

If not the two romantic segments of Sushant (one involving Disha Patani and the other with Kiara Advani) amidst the sequences (that seem to be a concoction of television footages) in the post interval portion, the second half of the movie would have rendered a feel of a documentary. Plethora of cuteness of the adorable pair of Sushant and Disha (essaying the role of ‘Priyanka’) make the portions driven by them seem to be moving. In contrast, the clips involving the bubbly Kiara (enacting the role of ‘Sakshi’) turn out to be pleasant and fun-filled.

Smartly, Neeraj heeds more on the bed of roses in the life of Dhoni with a slight glimpse of the thorns. With the character of the protagonist being striking, the director enhances the image of Dhoni by illustrating his impressive traits such as attitude, shrewdness and discipline. More emphasis has been given to the ‘teetotaller’ tag of Dhoni by making Sushant getting irked and advocating his friend to get rid of the harming habit of drinking. Acceptability of the audience over the childhood version of the protagonist being shown possessing razor-sharp mind would have been relatively less if this movie would not have been a biopic on Dhoni.

With the detailing done about the bouquet of people around Dhoni, it looks like as if Dhoni was surrounded only by well-wishers (excluding two of Dhoni’s colleagues in Railways who go on to escalate him to his higher ups). In addition to its intent of endorsing Dhoni, the movie has complimented the other stalwarts who had contributed in constructing the mighty empire of Indian cricket that it is today; the occasions where Sourav Ganguly had approved Dhoni’s place in the playing eleven of the national team, the moment where Sushant as Dhoni briefly summarizes Yuvraj’s herculean innings, to his friends, in the Under-19 Cooch-Behar trophy post the match, the scenes where the little master is held in high esteem, the deliberations held between Jagmohan and Dilip regarding the revamp in the selection process pertaining to the national cricket team. The film also takes a dig at the media that had once showcased the so-called rift between Dhoni and Sehwag.