4 Common Aspects Of Kaaka Muttai And Kuttrame Thandanai

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In spite of the two brain-children of Manikandan, Kaaka Muttai and Kuttrame Thandanai belonging to different genres, there seems to be a lot of aspects that tend to be common in the both. Let us have a look at the common aspects of the movies.

4. Primary Characters’ More Personal Wish As Their Short Term Goal:

The primary characters in both the movies seem to possess a more personal objective as their short term goal. In case of Kaaka Muttai, the prime focus of the two little protagonists was to have a taste of the Italian delight, Pizza. The very hearing of the plot of Kaaka Muttai made the audience feel that the movie is going to have something interesting in store to offer them. The screenplay was equally engaging.

In Kuttrame Thandanai, the objective of the protagonist, who is a grownup, is to get rid of his ever burning malfunctioning eye-sight, tunnel vision. In spite of possessing the never heard before concept of tunnel vision (to many), the idea isn’t as exciting as it was in Kaaka Muttai. Even then the director hasn’t lost his grip over the ‘engaging’ factor in his screenplay.

3. Principal Characters Are Badly In Search Of Money:

In order to get their motives to get accomplished, the principal characters in the two movies are badly in search of money. In Kaaka Muttai, the course of action of the kids in yielding money towards achieving their intent was shown in a lighter vein. As the narration had the wish of the kids, from below the poverty line, to taste Pizza as its primary focus in a lighter vein, even the unethical actions of the kids to obtain money were ignorable.

This kind of a deft handling of the screenplay had worked greatly by impressing the critic fraternity and the general audience alike. Whereas, the course of action of the protagonist of Kuttrame Thandanai in obtaining money, has been showcased as an intense and a serious drama. As the screenplay is more serious, the principal character has been projected slowly towards the negative shade.

2. Main Characters Belittling Their Supporting Characters:

At some point of time in both the movies, the main characters belittle the characters that were supportive to them till then in the movie. Such belittled characters gain prominence at the climax and take forward the movie to closure. In Kaaka Muttai, the character grandmother gets belittled by her grandchildren who remain unperturbed with her infinite love on them.

Later, in the climax, the kids get to understand their grandmother’s affection. Likewise, in Kuttrame Thandanai, the character of Nasser gets belittled by the character enacted by Vidharth where later on Vidharth realizes the genuine advice of Nasser in the climax.

1. Unpretentious Execution Of Screenplay:

Another aspect that stands out in both the movies is the unpretentious execution of screenplay along the lines of the film making style of the legendary director Balu Mahendra. Thereby, having two excellent movies in his bucket, Manikandan assures that he is someone who could make movies that tend to remain as the mirror images of one’s day-to-day life. Yet his movies are never short of the characteristics of a feature film and never fail to engage the viewers.

Excluding the point, ‘Unpretentious Execution Of Screenplay’ (as it seems to be the strong point and a unique ability of Manikandan’s film making), the occasional reuse or the complete elimination of the points ‘Main Characters’ Belittling Their Supporting Characters’, ‘Principal Characters Are Badly In Search Of Money’ and ‘Primary Characters’ More Personal Wish As Their Short Term Goal’ by the director in his upcoming ventures would make each of his flicks offer the audience a unique movie experience.