Will Justice League Reverse DC’s Critical Fortunes?

The movies that have been delivered so far by the DC Extended Universe – Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad – share something in common which is nothing but all the 3 have received mixed reviews from most of the critics and at the same time, they haven’t disappointed the makers in terms of the box office performance.

One of the primary critical point for Suicide Squad from critics was that the Supervillains, excluding Joker, were less known or not established among the audience prior to the release of the movie. The same point seems to haunt the next mightier outing of DCEU, Justice League that is slated for a 2017 release.

Justice League

Justice League is seen by many as the counterpoint of DC to Marvel’s The Avengers that was released in 2012. In case of Avengers, each of the principal characters involved in the movie – Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Loki – had either an independent movie for them or played a supporting part in any of the superhero movies of marvel prior to the release of Avengers. It really gave an insight about the Superheroes to the audience.


On the other hand, DC has neither provided independent movies nor planned to release any movie for 3 of the Justice League’s primary characters, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg prior to the release of the much anticipated multi-starrer extravaganza. As far as the rest of the Superheroes of Justice League are concerned, Batman and Superman have had enough of movies to establish themselves among the viewers.

Wonder Woman

Superheroine Wonder Woman, in spite of making a brief appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has garnered a fan base for herself. As we all know, this character has an independent movie to be released in 2017 preceding Justice League’s release. The critical and the box office response of Wonder Woman are certain to have an impact on the comprehensive prospects of the Justice League. Having a more popular female superhero and an independent movie for her is one among the areas where DC has an edge over Marvel.

The trailer of Wonder Woman, which depicts the origin, formation and the love interest of the lead character, had released a fortnight ago and has set positive vibrations with regards to the movie. Here is the trailer of the vibrant warrior princess, Wonder Woman:

The intros of the Superheroes, glimpses of their abilities, their eye-catchy suits and the formation of the Justice League in the Comic-Con trailer serves as a perfect prelude to the movie. Hope all the above mentioned factors propagate to the ultimate end product, Justice League and ensure a critical and a box office success to the movie.