7 Other David F. Sandberg Short Films That Could Make It To Big Screen


Lights Out title

Soon after knowing the fact that the movie Lights Out, directed by David Sandberg and produced by the Conjuring director James Wan, has been based on a short film on the same name helmed by David Sandberg and his wife Lotta Losten, I just surfed through the YouTube to revisit the short film. It was after this point when I came to know that the couple has been steering short films and been uploading the videos to their YouTube channel for a while. All the short films, which have been shot within one or more rooms of an apartment, with Lotta spearheading the department of acting, have been interesting, crisp and crystal clear. Being a fan of horror movies, as a means of recommendation to horror movie lovers, I would like to share my views on David and Lotta’s horror short films and the following are my opinions on each of them.

Cam Closer – A Camera Phone With A ‘Special Feature’

Cam Closer

In the short film, Cam Closer, Lotta is accompanied by a camera phone with a ‘special feature’ of capturing the objects of the future. The execution of this kind of interesting concept in the very beginning of the film did kindle my curiosity towards the movie. Jump scare, one of the classic techniques of horror movies has been deftly utilized in this short film. Perfectly dressed and optimally portraying protagonist, minimal deployment of background score, picture-perfect camera work, unclouded editing and an ideal backdrop have been the other facets that have firmed up the flow of the movie.

See You Soon – A 14-second Extramundane Confrontation

See You Soon

See You Soon is a 14-second short film that presents the confrontation, which a lonely woman (Lotta Losten) does with a supernatural creature. Along the lines of Cam Closer, jump scare has been proficiently utilized in See You Soon as well with an apt support from the arena of VFX. A weird and a unique depiction of the demons are sure to strike a chord with the target audience.

Not So Fast – An Inscrutable Nightmare Of A Woman

Not So Fast

Not So Fast is a visual depiction of an inscrutable nightmare of a woman (Lotta Losten), in the corridor of her apartment, who has been haunted by a cacodemon. Eerie noise that has been placed at regular intervals sets up the pace of the short film. The way in which a fast walk by the lead has been followed up by a prolonging corridor, accompanied with a screeching sound of the door, has provided a hair-raising experience. Unlike Cam Closer and See You Soon, Lotta gets a chance to utter few dialogues in Not So Fast and the ‘Lights Out‘ man has done a brief cameo too.

Pictured – A Lady’s Abnormal Encounter With An Uncanny Girl In A Painting


An unnatural encounter of a lady (Lotta Losten) with an uncanny girl (Hanna Johansson) in a painting that has been poised over the wall is what Pictured tends to portray. The theme of Pictured looks like it could well become a cult classic if it gets executed with the same intensity as that of its shorter version in the cinema. As per David’s statement in the comment section of the couple’s YouTube channel, forPictured there seems to be a story for a feature film. So, let’s wait for the day for the materialized news to get announced officially.

Coffer – A Blood-curdling Episode Of A Lonely Lassie


Coffer is a blood-curdling episode of a lonely woman who battles against the unearthly happenings around a coffer in the hallway of her house. Squeaking sound from the coffer adds to the horror quotient of this perfectly executed short film. With each and every short film, the couple has been pushing the envelope in terms of concept, acting and execution. One of the successes of David and Lotta’s horror flicks has been the unique sketch that they have been offering to the devils. They tend to adhere with the procedure, which they have initiated right from their first horror movie, in Coffer as well.

Attic panic – Spine-chilling Moments Of A Lass In An Attic

Attic Panic

The short film captures the spine-chilling moments of a woman who gets fixed in the attic in order to seclude herself from a weird and an invisible attendant. The places which David and Lotta choose for their plot to unfold have always been convincing. Attic panic has followed suit. Sound mixing, which if properly dealt with, would for sure help the audience to feel the experience which the makers had intended to do. As far as the consistent background score for most parts of the film and the breaking sound of the glass bulb, Attic Panic has continued to do what the previous short flicks of the couple have proffered in terms of sound mixing.

Closet Space – A Weird Closet That Could Duplicate Objects

Closet Space

Closet Space deals with a weird closet that has the ability to duplicate objects that are placed in it, which are either living or non-living. What happens when the couple, David and Lotta are subjected to the horrors of the closet when placed within it is what the Closet Space narrates about. Unexpected yet interesting endings have been a quintessential part of the horror films that have been talked about so far. Such is the case in Closet Space as well.

So, Will David And Lotta’s Lights Out On Big Screen Start With A Bang?

Lights Out

All said and done, the concepts of and the narrations in David and Lotta’s short films could well be termed as crystal clear works that are accompanied by interesting concepts and twists. With the flicks possessing the potentials to turn out into full-fledged feature films, there are high chances for the movies to garner a considerable fan base for each, if executed well. So, let the journey of David and Lotta on big screen with Lights Out start with a bang.