Will Kabali Join Rajinikanth’s League of Cult Classics Comprising Billa And Baashha?



With the release of Kabali just a fortnight away – presumably – the expectations on this drama has skyrocketed among the fans of Rajinikanth a.k.a Rajini and the admirers of the Super Star from the Tamil movie going lot. Major credit has to be conferred to the exuberant teasers and the Kabali album’s pulsating Neruppu Da. Because Kabali is touted to be a gangster drama, let’s have a look at what we can expect by revisiting two of Rajinikanth’s renowned yesteryear flicks that are within the genre.

Coming Of The Notorious Billa On Silver Screen


Billa, a 1980s movie, was a remake of the Bollywood film Don (1978) that featured Amitabh Bachchan. In Billa, Rajini was cast in dual roles that saw him showcasing the roles of an ill-famed individual, Billa and a gullible person, Rajappa. The laborious efforts of Rajinikanth and the film crew of Billa had yielded a commercial success to the film which ultimately had catapulted Rajini to superstardom.

On-screen Advent Of The Flamboyant Baashha

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Baashha was released way back in 1995 where Rajini had enacted the roles of an auto driver, Manickam, and a good willed gangster, Manik Baashha. Flamboyant display of the character, Manik Baashha by Rajinikanth still continues to spearhead the factors that kindle one’s interest to watch this action film. In fact, the contributions from each and every department of the movie were in place. This factor eventually let Baashha become one of the highly successful films in the eminent career of Rajinikanth.

So, what do these two movies possess in common?


Primary commonality in case of Billa and Baashha have been the fact that both the movies could well be termed as cult classics. The movies had provided turning points to the star, as an action hero, in his illustrious career and had proffered a stylish makeover to Rajini, which the star had grabbed readily then. Yet another aspect pertaining to both the movies had been the cat and mouse game between the good and the bad. Ultimately, the good wins over the evil in the end with the Super Star on the right-thinking side.

Will Kabali be a new-age Rajinikanth flick?


It is too early to arrive at an answer for this question as there is a fortnight that has to be transcended prior to the release of the movie. But, the glimpses of the end product that have been imparted so far has already been receiving thumbs up from the majority section of the audience. This response seems to serve as a positive sign for the movie’s prospect among the audience. With the younger and the promising lot of the current day Tamil Cinema such as the appreciated director Ranjith, next-gen composer Santhosh Narayanan, National Award winning film editor Praveen KL, cinematographer Murali G., budding singer and lyricist Arunraja Kamaraj, producers and marketers pushing the envelope, for the movie, at the helm, it is more likely that Kabali is all set to offer a more convincing new-age Rajinikanth flick.