5 Things I Loved About Independence Day: Resurgence


It is indeed a fairly long time that has passed to release a sequel to a movie, which is based on alien mothership, that was widely accepted by the people all over the world and which has garnered a fan base to itself. The wait seems to be worth as the end product has been packed well catering to the expectations of the fans and the general audience.

Proportional growth of the extra-terrestrials and the humankind over decades:


Movie begins with the narration that the humankind has enhanced the defence mechanism, by making use of the remains of the aliens that they have obtained from the nightmare which took place two decade ago. Once again their monumental effort on the safeguard of the human race has become vulnerable to the attacks of aliens. But, what worries the humans more is that the aliens are now bigger, smarter and stronger than they were before. So, the proportional growth of the aliens and the humans has boosted the expectation levels on the movie as soon as it kicks off.

Grandeur in making:


Another aspect that has invoked a liking towards this sequel has been the grandeur that has been infused such as the establishment of Earth Space Defense centers by United Nations stretching beyond the limits of the Earth, an extensive alien mothership stretching over 3,000 miles, the depiction of the exterior and in particular, the interior portions of the ship, a giant white sphere of Artificial Intelligence and the story behind it, the concept of Eusociality and the scenes related to it, the inclusion of a huge monstrous alien queen and a nail-biting climax segment.

Sound Mixing:


Contributions from the departments of Cinematography, Editing and VFX have been skilfully enhanced by the rich volumes of sound mixing. Notable works involve the intro scene of the mothership, the segment exhibiting the abilities of Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth) as a fighter pilot, the clips featuring the gravitational pull of the ship prior to the splashdown and the subsequent landing in the North Atlantic Ocean, the heroics of David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman), Jake, Maika Monroe (Patricia Whitmore), Captain Dylan (Jessie Usher), Charlie Ritter (Travis Trope) and Rain Lao (Angelababy) in the mothership and the sequences involving the alien queen in the climax.

Mild amusements:


In spite of Independence Day : Resurgence taking up a serious storyline, there seem to be mild amusements studded in the course of the screenplay. Artists who have spearheaded the comical front have been Judd Hirsch (playing Julius Levinson, David Levinson’s father) and the Brent Spiner (playing the eccentric scientist Dr. Brakish Okun).

The man behind the brainchild, ‘Independence Day’ franchise:


Apart from handling the illustrations on scientific concepts, pervading grandeur into thoughts and execution and placing humorous elements in apt places, Roland Emmerich has continued to include the display of human emotions in the second instalment of the Independence Day franchise as well. Also, he seems to have to stick to a template when it comes to this franchise such as a person sacrificing his life in order to achieve his intent, towards the climax.

When all has been said and done, the man who has been widely known for his films that belong to the genre, disaster films has made Dr. Okun, in the climax, that the mission to eliminate the aliens from their home world is still on. Thereby, a sense of curiosity tends to generate over the probable delivery of the next flick in the franchise.