Enakku Innoru Per Irukku – ‘A Star Studded On-screen Spectacle’

Right from an inspired title for the movie to the adept deployment of popular cine dialogues, slick utilization of the tunes of some long-lasting yesteryear songs and the deft usage of few of the deep-seated scenes and posters from the recently released movies and teasers (across the boundaries of filmdom), the on-screen spectacle, Enakku Innoru Per Irukku, seems to have proffered a bouquet of non-stop entertainment to a wider section of movie-goers.

In spite of the jocular depictions of a bunch of comic heavyweights such as Karunas, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh, Motta Rajendran and ‘Lollu Sabha’ Swaminathan and an array of seasoned actors such as Nirosha and Saravanan in this flick, the emerging entertainer of Tamil Cinema, G.V.Prakash has stamped his authority as an actor in a wider range of scenes, exhibiting various emotions and delivering dialogues in a captivating manner. He has scored not just as an actor in this movie but also as the contributor of some goose bumps generating background scores. Selection of eye-catching dance moves could well complement his expressive face and thumping tunes.

With the confined scope that has been offered to the cutie, Anandhi, she has rendered a charming portrayal.


It is indeed a tough job for a Director to optimize a massive list of stars who have specialized themselves in being extremely amusing as the very inclusion of their names to the ‘Starring’ list would kindle the curiosity quotient of the movie. The association of the director with the stars has yielded a favorable outcome for the makers. The director has leveraged the craze of the comical stars which prevails among the audience. For instance, the director has let Rajendran to intone the ‘Health Advisory’ message in his trademark style. Inclusion of the ‘Temple Monkeys’ fame, Vijay Varadharaj to the movie, has introduced a new comedian to Tamil Cinema. His display can be characterized as something which is unconventional and strange. Yet, it never fails to entertain.

The target of the script, which is an absolute jolly ride, has been ably supported by the editing works of Ruben by not allowing the screenplay waver. Camera which has been wielded by Krishnan Vasant has rendered fresh and colorful visuals backed by cool costumes.

Biggest strength of the movie has been that certain sequences which one could have expected them to be high voltage adrenaline pumping extravaganza would have transformed into some unexpected hilarious twists dexterously backed by visually striking performances. This kind of fluctuation in the story telling has kept the end-users of the conceived product of the makers, engaged and thereby delivering a comprehensive entertainer. In spite of the presence of the above mentioned oscillations in the narration, there isn’t any confusion in the execution of the objective of the movie i.e., entertainment and the screenplay has been neatly woven.

When Tamil Cinema has been flooded with intense and message oriented dramas, it gets to see some entertainment driven movies possessing ample logical loopholes embedded in them. The sole purpose of such entertainers has been to offer an ultimate fun ride to the movie-goers. Among such entertainers, few have achieved their intention. The most recent outing, Enakku Innoru Per Irukku, from the entertainer fraternity seems to possess all the necessary ingredients to make a visible impression for itself in Tamil Cinema.