For the most part of the movie, S.J.Suryah has appeared to be in an inebriated and depressed state. S.J.Suryah has excelled in expressions as well as in dialogue deliveries. The song that has been sung by him has suited the situation in which it has been placed, well.  Kamalini Mukherjee has depicted the confused state of a woman who is indecisive in making a life for her in which she could be happy.

For an actor like Vijay Sethupathi who keeps ascending in his career by doing movies as an individual hero, it is really a valiant attempt by him to accept and portray the role that he has delivered in ‘Iraivi’. He has fitted himself as an actor into the script obliterating his star status. It is a comeback movie for the ‘actress’ in Anjali. She has proffered a role on how a girl with a lot of dreams to get accomplished in her life turns into a woman who is very bold enough to take on her life as well her kid’s on her own without a patriarchal support. It is indeed an audacious debut by Pooja Devariya. Her characterisation and portrayal has just mirrored the dark side of certain individuals in real life.

Bobby Simha’s role has been panned out in such a way that it ventilates its anger on the male predominant society. Towards the climax, it goes on to explain the actual reason behind few of the unfavourable incidents that take place in the movie.

Radharavi as a helpless father and Vadivukkarasi as a dependent mother have done a decent job.

Cheenu Mohan’s contribution to ‘Iraivi’ is more of a support to the acting department of the movie. The dialogue that he delivers at the climax has summarised the plot of the movie.


In the previous flicks of Karthik Subbaraj, Karunakaran had meaty roles to enact. But, in ‘Iraivi’, he hasn’t been offered so. Even then, he has provided us some rib-tickling moments. Via Karunakaran, the director has unveiled a knot in the movie. Kali Venkat has joined S.J.Suryah for few scenes and has entertained us.

In few scenes, the background score sets up the mood well. The score that has been played when Radharavi is about to express his opinion on the deed that Vijay Sethupathi and Simha are going to do is notable. Songs don’t seem to be catchy while listening to them for the first time. But, they have blended well with the screenplay. Background scores in many scenes remind Santhosh Narayanan’s previous works and the tunes fail to get registered in the minds later.

Sivakumar Vijayan’s cinematography isn’t fresh and colourful. But, it is dull which is what a movie like ‘Iraivi’ demands.

There are a lot of characters and each character has its share of screen presence in the movie. The contribution of each and every actor has been scissored well by Vivek Harshan without a piece of confusion in mind. Even though the subject is so dense, the presentation has been served in a refined manner.

European film makers have the habit of driving the movie’s sequence to any extent, without getting into compromises, in order to convey their conceived concept to the audience. One such determined effort of Karthik Subbaraj has helped him to yield the product, ‘Iraivi’ to Tamil Cinema. Lot of metaphors have been used in the movie. For example, in the movie, different women across generations have the desire to wet themselves in the rain. But, they generate an inhibition within themselves and don’t fulfil their wishes. This illustrates the fact that many women in real life have lots of wishes within them. But, due to the implicit or the explicit restrictions imposed upon them in their family life, they tend to quell their predilections. In a scene that takes place in the jail, a lot of washed clothes would have been kept for drying in the sun light. Out of which, Vijay Sethupathi’s shirt will drop down. In the next scene, one could see Vijay getting released from the jail. Right from the beginning of the movie, Karthik sticks on to his objective of delivering on what he is intended to do with his script. One could never witness the misplacement of songs in the movie. There is no separate comedy track in the movie. But, there are fun moments that are embedded in the flow of the movie. ‘Iraivi’ has many good dialogues. Clarity in the utterance of the dialogues by certain artists could have made them reach a better section of the audience.