‘Ko 2’

Along the lines of ‘Ko’, ‘Ko 2’ too has illustrated the dark side of politics within a government wherein the politicians have involved. But, in this instalment, the plot and the cast is entirely new. Hence, it provides an entirely different experience to the moviegoers. But, it never fails to educate and entertain the audience.

It is indeed a tough role that has been vested upon Bobby Simha to spearhead a political thriller that has been knitted with a dense screenplay. Major plus points in his depiction are his natural tone of voice and composed face. Simha could have avoided RajiniKanth’s mannerisms, here and there. When reciting the poem of Bharathiyar, the delivery demands modulations from the actor. The ‘Jigarthanda’ star has to heed to this concern. Lot of focus has to be invested to enhance his dancing skills.

Character of Nikki Kalrani in ‘Ko 2’ is not a glam doll role. But, it is one among the factors that drive the screenplay. The story demands her to deliver a decent act and she has done the same.

Prakash Raj has a meaty role to play in ‘Ko 2’ that has better scope and screen space than the one which he had got in ‘Ko’. His role is that of a politician who is ready to accept harsh criticism. He has been the face of a relatively good politician in this movie. Initially, Ilavarasu has been showcased as an inefficient political leader. But, later he gets transformed and has spilt a menacing act.

In the initial portions of the movie, Balasaravanan has exhibited himself as an innocent lad. But, he goes on to play an interesting and an integral role in the screenplay. The role that has been offered to John Vijay is tailor made for him. The portrayal looks like a cake walk to him. Investigative sequence involving BalaSaravanan and John Vijay has been filled with amusing elements.


In a movie like ‘Ko 2’, the short story that has been narrated in the flashback sequence and the actors involved in it should put up a very good show. In ‘Ko 2’, the storyline of the flashback portion is very simple. But the way, Karunakaran has portrayed his character has lifted up the segment and has garnered sympathies towards his character. Thereby, the flashback gets a prominence.

Than the songs, Leon James has done a great job in the background score and it appears to be as one of the pillar of strength for the movie. He could have focussed on the songs to impress the audience on the very first hearing.

Philip R Sundar’s visuals seem to be simple. Visuals for the portions involving the love triangle between Bobby Simha, Nikki Kalrani and BalaSaravanan in the first half have been dealt in a sceptical manner. Later in the movie, the reasons have been unfolded. A dull colour tone has been utilised for the flashback sequence.

There are several tracks of narrations in the movie. All the tracks have been gelled well by Editor Kevin in such a way that the audience don’t get mystified and are very clear about the on-screen happenings.

Director Sarath has rendered a movie that joins the list of movies that ventilate the anger of the common man. It is a wise move by the makers to admit, that the way in which the CM has been kidnapped in the movie is simple, in the disclaimers itself. Hence, the mentality of the viewer gets eager to know what else the director has tried to convey in the movie. Lot of thought process should have been endowed to script the demands that have been put forward by the protagonist of the movie. Such demands provide a better picture of our society. Guessing game has been kept intact for most part of the screenplay. Dialogues are razor sharp and the scenes are crystal clear. Even though the motive behind the movie and the narration are dense, the presentation is very simple. There are so many well known and talented actors in this movie that the director has optimized. There are different tracks for them which the director has narrated without any confusion. Placement of songs is effective.

From time immemorial, movies that oxygenate the audience with good societal messages seem to make their presence in Tamil Cinema. ‘Ko 2’ is yet another attempt by a new team to infuse good ideas pertaining to the society and trigger a spontaneous thought process that would help one to make wise decisions in society related incidents.