Manithan – ‘A Journey Towards Humanity’

The script of Manithan and the characterisation of the role portrayed in the film by Udhay seem to be tailor made for him. It is indeed a bold and an experimental attempt from the producer cum actor to choose a role that is innocent and doesn’t judge things in a wise manner. The ‘OK OK’ man has understood his role of ‘Sakthi’ in the script and has brought in substantial variations in the dialogue deliveries and emotions. As Sakthi in ‘Manithan’, he stumbles during his initial way of presenting his PIL in the court room. Later on, in the second half of the movie, his argument is devoid of stuttering. Even then his portrayal of the character, ‘Sakthi’ is confined within the limits of the scope that the script has defined. Dialogues that Udhay utters in the climax seem to be too heavy for an actor of his stature.

A standout amongst the most persuading viewpoints regarding Hansika Motwani in this flick is her lip sync with the dialogues. Portion that has been offered to Hansika may be a negligible one. Yet, that is the one which quickens the story to advance by pushing the part of Udhay to advance ahead.

Aishwarya Rajesh has conveyed a decent depiction of the constrained part that has been offered to her.

Vivek, the actor, has showcased a variety of evolutions in his career. His most recent evolution as a comedian with a light-hearted approach that has begun in ‘VIP’ seems to continue in ‘Manithan’ as well and is indeed interesting. Chucklesome style of Vivek provides the much needed comical relaxation in an otherwise a much serious court drama and at the same time, it doesn’t obstruct the flow of the movie.

At regular intervals in his film career, Radharavi entertains us by portraying some interesting roles. The character that has been enacted by him in ‘Manithan’ joins his elite list of roles. His invigorating performance in the climax has excited the audience and has lifted the mood of the movie.


As far as the acting arena of ‘Manithan’ is concerned, it is being spearheaded by two veterans. One is Radharavi and the other person is Prakash Raj. There are many notable scenes where Prakash Raj has one again proved what as an actor he is. Scene where he expresses his dejection when he is not paid with the fee which he has already negotiated with his client, a clip where he exhibits his guiltiness and helplessness to the same client when their case just starts moving away from them and in the climax, where he argues in a clueless manner in the courtroom as he is unable to proceed further with a valid point. All the above mentioned scenes are just samples. There are numerous subtle reactions of Prakash Raj that actually have enhanced a lot of scenes.

Excellent background score tends to be a big boost for a movie like ‘Manithan’ which moves on a serious note in most parts. When it comes to songs, especially in melodies, his deliveries in ‘Manithan’ remind us of his previous works. Also, the melodies provide a good feel while watching the movie but, later on, the tunes fail to get registered in our minds.

R.Madhi has rendered fresh visuals. Camera angles in songs deserve a special mention here. Notable shots are the ones in the small ferris wheel in the ‘Aval’ song and the one where Udhay walks amidst the dispersed birds in the ‘Mun Sellada’ song.

Editor J.V.Manikanda Balaji has given clarity to the clips and has presented the flow of the movie in a simpler manner to the audience.

Dialogues of Ajayan Bala are a big plus for the movie. They tend to be razor-sharp occasionally and for the remaining part of the movie they seem to be more casual. In this manner, the dialogues make the movie to be more close to the reality.

Opting for appropriate actors for a flick that demands actors who delineate well is half the job done. Director I.Ahmed has etched out in the arena of casting. Screenplay tends to be sluggish at some portions of the movie. Biggest plus for the movie is that the songs are placed within the flow of the movie and that too are placed in patches. This formula works well for a movie like ‘Manithan’ which is more content-oriented.

As a producer, Udhay has to be appreciated for selecting a script that provides enough scope for veterans such as Radha Ravi and Prakash Raj. Even in the title card, the name of both appears first and then comes the name of Udhay. Movies like ‘Manithan’ are the need of the hour in current day’s society which sow the seeds of awareness in the guise of entertainment to guide the common man, who are in deep slumber either due to ignorance or innocence, to march towards humanity. Along the lines of ‘Manithan’, movies should make their presence in Tamil Cinema which is good for the the film industry as well as the society.