Irudhi Suttru – ‘An Emotional Celebration Of Women’s Boxing’

In recent times, a lot of female-centric movies are making their presence felt in Tamil Cinema. Irudhi Suttru is the latest flick to showcase the positive impact of a female-centric movie in the box-office. But the speciality of this movie is that it has been directed by a woman in a much inspiring manner to everyone.

Madhavan has transformed from a chubby cop in ‘Vettai’ to beefcake in ‘Irudhi Suttru’. Maddy as ‘Prabhu’, has essayed the role of a boxing coach to the female lead, Ritika Singh. Rugged face and sturdy physique of Maddy has complemented the role of a fastidious professional boxing coach. Maddy’s mime in conveying Chengiz Khan’s war plan to the battered Ritika Singh in the climax segment is top-notch. Maddy’s outburst on Ritika Singh prior to the interval is outstanding.

Performance of the newbie, Ritika Singh as ‘Madhi’, is in par with the performances of the seasoned actors who are involved in the movie. Ritika Singh’s acting stands out in numerous scenes viz. a scene where Madhi casually demands Prabhu to accept her love proposal, a segment where Madhi expresses her displeasure over her sister’s perfidy, a section prior to the climax where Madhi does a childish fight with Prabhu and makes a point to him that her love for him is still intact within her and in the climax part, where she emotionally celebrates her success in boxing with Prabhu by jumping onto him. Ritika Singh’s bashful expressions in ‘Ey Sandakaara’ song are extremely good. In addition to the facial expressions and the stunts, Ritika Singh has proved her potential in the arena of dancing as well. Uma has done an excellent job by lending her voice to Ritika Singh.

Nasser and Radha Ravi have played supporting roles and in addition, their timing in dialogue delivery has amused the audience. Each and every character in the movie has considerably contributed to this ambitious attempt.

Ritika Singh & Madhavan in Irudhi Suttru Movie Audio Release Wallpapers

Musical contributions of Santhosh Narayanan have added a great strength to this prestigious product. Santhosh Narayanan can well be termed as the ‘Hans Zimmer’ of Tamil Cinema. Each and every song of the album is a precious diamond on a crown. ‘Magic’ is the word that could well define the blend of Santhosh’s music and Dhee’s voice in ‘Ey Sandakaara’ and ‘Usuru Narambula’ songs. ‘Vaa Machaney’ sets up an excited mood in the theatre.

Sivakumar Vijayan’s lens has given a fresh look to North Chennai. Under his work, Dharamsala looks classier especially in the ‘Ey Sandakaara’ song.

Editing of Sathish Suriya provides clarity to the shots and makes the scenes get registered in the minds of the audience well.

Director Sudha Kongara has boldly portrayed the dark side of women’s boxing with an optimal dose of romance and family drama. Depiction of the characterizations of the roles which have been enacted by Madhavan and Ritika Singh is interesting. This phenomenon further firmly holds our attention to the unwavering screenplay. Infallible placement of songs is in favor of the flow of the movie. Till the end of the movie, the love that the student has on her coach remains intact and unaffected. At the same time, the conviction, determination and the focus of the coach appears to be unaltered throughout the movie. Action sequences have been shot in such a way that they are acceptable by one and all, irrespective of the gender. At regular intervals, either the dialogues or the scenes of the movie inspire the audience in one way or the other. In the second half of the movie, the sequence of shots happening in the police station makes Madhi feel that Prabhu is the go-to guy for her when everything seems to go against her. Madhi’s love on Prabhu intensifies after this incident.

Tamil film industry has been witnessing the right balance, been made by ‘Irudhi Suttru’, between its pre-release buzz and the finished product. Inspiring ideas put forth in the movie have been propagated to the audience and the victory of this quality product in box-office has implied the optimistic prospects of like attempts too.